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Today I present not one but two canvases ! At the end of the article, I have a little surprise. But first,
On the canvas , I worked with acrylic colors and a light touch of modeling paste in silver , and also some geometric design in silver too. The tittle is stamped with Archival black ink. 

The two canvases are joined together with two pieces of silver ribbon, a bit like a book.

I decorated the back of the canvases in different themes.
For the back of the left canvas, I covered it with paper that pre-made. It's a page of cardstock green that I covered  with acrylic, ink and stamps with two colors : green and pink. I cut some pieces. Some are glued on the edges of the canvas , the others were used to make a small book.

Inside of the small book , I glued some images of hearts:

For the back of the right canvas, I just glued on the edges some different newspapers ( French, Japanese, English)  and in the middle I put a phrase in French and an embellishment, a wing/heart of iron to complete.

That's all for now !
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