Lost your creativity ?

For this booklet in watercolor paper  I was inspired by Craft Stamper Magazine ( issue October 2013 36/37/38/39 pages ). The pages have different sizes . The background is worked  with watercolor. The borders are simple doodles made using a black pen and the pages are kept together using strips of Washi Tape.
Here is what it looks like with English translations of the text under each images.

Title:Ten things for keeping your creativity

All  together

 Cover ( creativity )

 first page : Don't force you

first page (back): Drink a coffee/tea

Second page : finish something

second page (back): Take risks

 Third page : Allow yourself to make mistakes

 third page (back) : Clean your work space


 fourth page :  Collaborate with others

 fourth page (back): Have fun

 fifth page : Listen music

fifth page (back): Get away from the computer

sixth  page : Go somewhere new

sixth page (back): Try something new

 Back cover page : Open your eyes, the inspiration is everywhere

Thank you for looking !
Have a good day .


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